Ben’s Friends

Ben Munoz suffered a stroke in 2006 caused by a rare condition called arteriovenous malformations (AVM). Being put in touch with another person who also had AVM helped him during the difficult period of treatment and recovery. This experience prompted him to put up the patient community,

Seeing how AVMSurvivors benefit patients, his good friend Scott Orn eventually joined Ben in co-founding Ben’s Friends. Through its 40+ patient communities including Living with Erythromelalgia, Living with Eagle, and Living with Psoriatic Arthritis, Ben’s Friends provides a safe space for people affected by rare and chronic illnesses to get in touch with others like them. 

Nadine West supports Ben’s Friends through regular donations, both in monetary form and employee time. Among others, Nadine West helps Ben’s Friends in the areas of software work, community infrastructure, marketing, and fundraising.